2019 Healthcare Report

2019 Healthcare Report


Company Name : Proofpoint

This report reveals that the healthcare industry continues to be one of the most at risk when it comes to cyber attacks, due to the highly sensitive and personal information industry professionals / organisations hold.


Cyber attacks are exposing personal data. Ransomware is shutting down emergency rooms. Fraudulent emails are defrauding business associates, patients, and clinical staff. These threats hurt the industry’s ability to care for patients.

To help healthcare organizations better understand the evolving threat landscape, we analyzed a year’s worth of cyber attacks against care providers, pharmaceutical/life sciences organizations and health insurers. As we analyzed hundreds of millions of malicious emails, one trend stood out: today’s attacks target people, not just infrastructure.

They trick healthcare workers into opening an unsafe attachment or opening a questionable link that leads to malware. They impersonate members of your executive team, instructing staff to wire money or send sensitive information. And they hijack patients’ trust with scams that cash in on your organization’s brand equity.

Unless otherwise noted, the data in this report covers the time period spanning Q2 2018 to Q1 2019. We have seen similar trends in Q2 2019.

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