Asia-Pacific Cloud Security Study

Asia-Pacific Cloud Security Study


Company Name : Palo Alto Networks

This study uncovers the truth about the state of cloud security among large enterprises across Asia-Pacific including Australia, with many cases where perception doesn’t match the reality when it comes to securing the cloud.


Ovum research, commissioned by Palo Alto Networks, shows that large organisations in the Asia-Pacific region, those with over 200 employees, have misplaced confidence that cloud providers’ security is sufficient.

While 80 percent of large organisations view security and privacy as key challenges to cloud adoption, they still do not adequately protect themselves once cloud migration has occurred. This can be explained, to some extent, by confidence in the cybersecurity services provided by cloud providers, for their discrete cloud services. In a recent survey, 70 percent of large organisations in Asia-Pacific said they believe that security bundled with cloud services by cloud providers prepares them well or very well against cybersecurity threats.

Although security provided by cloud providers protects data when it resides within their clouds, it cannot protect data as it moves between clouds or on-premises assets.

Furthermore, individual clouds can be vulnerable to identity fraud and Application Programming Interface (API) abuses. Asia-Pacific organisations should reconsider depending entirely on security from cloud providers for protection. The study shows that few large organisations have a unified, holistic view of their cloud assets and the data that resides therein. Instead, they tend to have multiple cybersecurity products operating in silos.

In general, the research indicates that IT security decision makers in Asia-Pacific have misplaced confidence in their ability to protect themselves from cloud cybersecurity threats and are unprepared for potential attacks.

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