BDO Cyber Threat Insights – 2018 4th Quarter Report

BDO Cyber Threat Insights – 2018 4th Quarter Report


BDO’s new study of public sector cybersecurity warns that the IT systems of government agencies and critical infrastructures around the world are inherently at cybersecurity risk due to legacy technology being used and pending retirement of government staff who have historically maintained these IT systems, by 2023


In this issue for the fourth quarter of 2018, we discuss major cyberattacks on the global public sector. Plus, we delve deeper into the national cybersecurity strategic plans of four countries: Australia, Germany, Israel and the United States, written by our BDO Cybersecurity team leaders in each respective country.

At BDO we have developed an approach to preparing for potential cyberattacks, which we call Threat-based Cybersecurity. Put simply, we believe each client is unique and should have a comprehensive understanding of the actual cyber threats facing their respective organization. Thus, we prefer to start each client engagement with a set of advanced cyber diagnostic assessments. And then, based on the findings of our advanced diagnostic assessments, we develop a customized cyber defense plan to address each client’s specific cyber needs, timeline and budget.

As a result of the tremendously positive feedback we have received from our partners and clients about the quarterly 2018 BDO Cyber Threat Insights Reports, we’re happy to announce that we plan to continue the series through 2019 and beyond.

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