Celebrating 30 years of the Internet in Australia

Celebrating 30 years of the Internet in Australia

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Event Topic : Gala Dinner, Internet in Australia, broadband, innovation

Start Date : 31/10/2019

End Date : 31/10/2019

Event Organizer : Peter Coroneos

Event Location : Dolton House Pyrmont

Country : Australia

City : Sydney

Join us as we remember the milestones and celebrate the pioneers who brought us the Internet as we now know it.


We can’t tell you how excited we are to share this opportunity with you. You will join some of the biggest names in Australia’s internet history as we pay tribute to the pioneers of the most fundamentally transformative technology to have occurred in our lifetime.

In 1989, the first trans-Pacific link from Hawaii to Australia heralded the beginning of Australia’s connection to what would become the global internet. From the early 1990’s, the number of internet users grew steadily, from a small band of enthusiasts on low bandwidth, dialup connections to today, with near-universal adoption over broadband, dominating much of the nation’s commercial and social activity.

However, the birth of the internet was not without its challenges. While the technical hurdles were slowly overcome by innovation and the ingenuity of a growing band of techs, the policy challenges thrown up by a medium that has no centralised control and encourages disruption of traditional models of business and governance, were in some ways more critical to the development of the internet as we now know it.

You’ll hear from some of our pioneers and revolutionaries as they recount the highs and lows of delivering to Australia something that many today take for granted. What was it like being at ground zero? What challenges had to be overcome? And what kind of future will the internet bring?

This event will be held at the award winning Doltone House Heritage Wharf venue at Jones Bay, overlooking Sydney Harbour. The evening will start with networking cocktails and canapes on the outer deck. Here, you’ll meet and mix with some of the luminaries of Australia’s internet history, former colleagues and future business partners, before moving inside for the start of the evening’s entertainment.

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