Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report

Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report


Mimecast has announced the latest Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) report, an aggregated analysis of tests that measure the efficacy of widely used email security systems. This quarter’s report found that email delivered with malicious URLs, a recently added part of the testing, has increased by more than 125 per cent in comparison to last quarter’s results


Many organizations think their current email security systems are up to the task of protecting them from
phishing. Unfortunately many email security systems fall short and do not keep their organizations safe.
The reality is the entire industry needs to work toward a higher standard of email security. The proof is in the
numbers. Mimecast is establishing a standard of transparency for organizations and raising the bar for all
security vendors.

In working with our more than 30,000 customers, Mimecast has observed firsthand that not all email security
systems perform equally well. But, until we started conducting these tests we lacked the comparative data to
prove our perceptions. In order to address this head-on, Mimecast has been continually executing Email
Security Risk Assessments (ESRAs) for the past two years.

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