Fortinet Q3 2019 Quarterly Threat Landscape Report

Fortinet Q3 2019 Quarterly Threat Landscape Report


Company Name : Fortinet

The report Highlights Cybercriminals Bypassing Popular Phishing Tactics to Inject or Execute Code Onto a Range of Publicly Facing Services.


For many of us, the summer months bring not just a change in the weather, but a change of pace as well. Time off school, family vacations, slowdowns at work … we’re all familiar with our version of that routine. But what’s the summer routine for cyber-threat actors? Do things heat up or cool down? Is it a time to sow, to reap, or to rest? Thankfully, there’s no need to speculate—we kept an eye on summer antics across the threat landscape. Here are some highlights:

The Fortinet Threat Landscape Index

This summary measure of how bad it is out there remained relatively stable during Q3. We saw fluctuations but no major swings.

Attackers might be going old school

We detected an abnormally high number of attempts to inject and execute code onto a range of devices this quarter. It’s an old trick, but perhaps attackers are eyeing some new treats?

What a tangled web we weave, which they practice to deceive

Attackers appeared to double down on their efforts to exploit core web infrastructure and content management systems (CMS).

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