IoT in the Enterprise: An Analysis of Traffic and Threats

IoT in the Enterprise: An Analysis of Traffic and Threats


Zscaler has announced the release of its 2019 report,  IoT in the Enterprise: An Analysis of Traffic and Threats, which examines traffic stemming from IoT device footprints across the Zscaler™ cloud over the course of 30 days.


Enterprises around the globe have been adopting the use of IoT products to improve organizational efficiency,
enhance communications, and to gain insight into system performance.

According to Gartner, 20.4 billion IoT devices will be in use worldwide by 2020, and more than 65 percent of enterprises will adopt IoT products..

The rapid adoption of these IoT devices has opened up new attack vectors for cybercriminals. As such, the ThreatLabZ research team began studying the use of IoT devices in the enterprise by analyzing IoT traffic across
the Zscaler cloud.

The team analyzed one month of data for recent IoT device footprints based on traffic in the Zscaler cloud. This analysis looked at the types of devices in use, the protocols they used, the locations of the servers with which they communicated, and the frequency of their inbound and outbound communications, as well as IoT traffic patterns.

This report details the results of this analysis.

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