Outcome Paper -GiDMC 2019

Outcome Paper -GiDMC 2019


Company Name : GiDMC

Global Inclusive Disaster Management Conference (GiDMC) 2019 Outcome Paper.


From cyclones causing flooding and earthquakes causing loss of property, fire causing loss of resources to explosions causing damage and other extreme events, disasters both natural and industrial are creating their impact around the world. Counting from FANI in Orissa, floods in Kerala, Hurricane Dorian, Indonesia forest fire, Vayu in Gujarat and more there was loss of life and property. The need is for comprehensive understanding of these probable incidences, preparedness mechanisms and damages caused by them to communities, public sector enterprises and industries. In this context, iCONEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd which is an international event organization, promoting Health, Environmental, Safety and Sustainability Initiatives globally, has taken a step ahead towards disaster management and building a sustainable future. Understanding the need of global platform to discuss the preparedness of our government, public sector, industries and other stakeholders against the destruction caused by natural and industrial disasters, Global Inclusive Disaster Management Conference (GiDMC) has been planned. Now the two successful editions have been completed creating awareness and knowledge sharing between stakeholders.

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