Securing the Future of a Smart World

Securing the Future of a Smart World


Carriers are moving decisively toward 5G commercialization and that security is a top concern.

  • 67% – will deploy their first commercial 5G networks within 18 months and another 20 percent within two years
  • 94% – expect growth in network traffic, connected devices and mission-critical IoT use cases to significantly increase security and reliability concerns for 5G networks
  • 79% – say 5G is a consideration in current security investments


The rollout of the next generation of wireless networks has begun in earnest, introducing what many believe will be one of the most seminal technology transformations of a still young digital age. 5G networks, with their dramatic advances in transmission speed, latency, capacity, energy efficiency and connection densities, promise to bring about a smarter and more connected world that will drive massive changes across the global economy.

5G-enabled breakthroughs will open new revenue opportunities and business models for operators and their customers. Powerful new use cases around evolved Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (ULLC) and massive Machine-to-Machine Communications (mMTC) will push the boundaries of digital transformation. From new user experiences in augmented and virtual reality and ultra-high definition video streaming, to highspeed fixed wireless, new types of cloud services and applications, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities, buildings, factories and farms—5G will unleash a plethora of new applications and uses that will change the way people work and live.

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