State of Application Services 2019

State of Application Services 2019


F5 Networks’ 2019 State of Application Services report has found A/NZ is a global leader in digital transformation initiatives and is aggressively driving automation and application modernisation. An impressive 93% of A/NZ companies surveyed currently have digital transformation projects in place. This is compared to the worldwide average of just 67%.


Key findings:

  • Digital transformation is influencing the way 65% of A/NZ organisations develop applications, for example moving towards Agile development. This is the highest rate in the APCJ region and is well above the global average of 53%.
  • 57% of A/NZ organisations are changing how they deliver applications to production environments, for example more frequently deploying apps, due to digital transformation. This is the highest rate in the APCJ region, and significantly higher than the global average of 48%.
  • Digital transformation has meant 48% of AN/Z organisations are exploring new application architectures such as micro services & containerisation, compared to the global average of 42%. Again, A/NZ is the highest in the APCJ region in this category.
  • When it comes to security, there seems to be less confidence. When asked to rate their confidence in their company’s ability to withstand an application-level security threat across all environments, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being, not at all confident and 5 being very confident) the majority of A/NZ respondents (54%) rated their confidence at a 3 or below. This is just below the global average of 63%.

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