State of Cybersecurity 2019

State of Cybersecurity 2019


Organisations are struggling to keep their cybersecurity workforce fully staffed as competitors increasingly pick off employees who are enticed by higher pay and bonuses, according to ISACA’s new cybersecurity workforce research.


State of Cybersecurity 2019 reports the results of the annual ISACA global State of Cybersecurity Survey, conducted
in November 2018. While some findings pointed to unforeseen trends, many survey results reinforce previous
years’ findings—specifically that the need for trained and experienced cybersecurity professionals vastly outweighs
the supply. State of Cybersecurity 2019 provides a distinctive view of cybersecurity from the perspective of those
who define the field—cybersecurity managers and practitioners. This is the first report based on the survey, which
focuses on the current trends in cybersecurity workforce development, staffing, budget and gender diversity.

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