State of the Phish 2019

State of the Phish 2019


The report uncovers phishing cyberattack trends across more than 15 industries and details the fundamental cybersecurity knowledge of more than 7,000 working adults in Australia, the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK. Data from tens of millions of simulated phishing attacks sent over a one-year period were analysed along with nearly 15,000 cybersecurity professional survey responses, from both Proofpoint customers and outside organisations, to provide an in-depth look at state of global phishing attacks.


Proofpoint’s global State of the Phish 2019 report found that APAC organisations are the most likely to experience account compromise and data loss as a result of successful phishing attacks when compared to their global counterparts (North America and EMEA).

The global increase in phishing attacks emphasises the continued shift in the cybersecurity threat environment towards targeting people; thus, educating employees about today’s cyber threats is essential. In the global survey of working adults, Australian respondents were able to identify the following cybersecurity terms correctly: phishing (64 percent), ransomware (58 percent correct), vishing (20 percent correct), and smishing (17 percent). These findings spotlight a knowledge gap when it comes to the language security teams are using when communicating to end users.

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