Webinar – Where should SMBs spend their cybersecurity dollars?

Webinar – Where should SMBs spend their cybersecurity dollars?


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Date : May 31, 2019

Time : Online

Presenter : ESET Australia

Country : Oceania (Australia, NZ, Pacific)

Event Topic : ESET, cybersecurity, SMBs

Where should SMBs spend their cybersecurity dollars?


We will take a look at the top priorities for cybersecurity spending in SMBs, with a particular emphasis on Two-Factor and Multifactor Authentication (2FA, MFA).

Aside from 2FA/MFA having become easier and much more affordable to implement, there are real motivations that should be driving SMBs to adopt 2FA/MFA technologies. For example, although the OAIC is apparently not yet at the point of approaching notifiable data breaches punitively, that is unlikely to remain the case, at least in the most egregious of incidents. However, even if you will not face fines for now, having to inform affected customers is unlikely to keep news of a notifiable breach out of the media spotlight, and the reputational harm that could ensue may be sufficiently damaging by itself.

2FA/MFA can help alleviate risks of notifiable data breaches under the Australian Privacy Act, as well as related risks under similar international legislation such as the EU’s GDPR.

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