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    One of the most important factors to success in combat missions is communication flow. During a mission, a special operations pilot will have to follow, at a minimum, four to five separate communication flows. Literally, four to five different sets of conversations focused on distinctly different aspects of the mission are taking place at the same time. Why do I bring this up in a cybersecurity blog during cybersecurity awareness month? Because like cybersecurity and IT, aviation and military operations are filled with processes and risk. Naturally most think “pilot checklist,” but the truth is the military has a long relationship with processes and checklists. Today, checklists are all over the place. There’s even a manifesto on them called The Checklist Manifesto:
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    Workswell s.r.o. is a Central European based trading and manufacturing company with its headquarters located in the Czech Republic. Its focus lies in the advancement of machine vision and contact-free temperature measurement. We are renowned worldwide for our innovative thermographic products. These include thermal WIC cameras, NDT thermal imaging system ThermoInspector and the Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system for drones.