• Chris Cubbage – Executive Editor & Cyber Security Podcast Host

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    Chris Cubbage is a technology journalist, public safety expert and a specialist in city surveillance operations, enterprise security and governance.
  • Dr Gav Schneider

    Prices start from $1950 for a one hour session

    Dr Gav is an acknowledged leader in the field of human based risk management and the psychology of risk.
  • Shamane Tan – APAC Executive Advisor, Privasec & Founder Cyber Risk Meetups

    Pre-Register Book Interest - ‘Cyber Risk Leaders: C-Suite Insights - Leadership and Influence in the Cyber Age’

    In a time of an ever changing digital landscape, our industry leaders find that they are playing catch up. Cyber Risk Leaders is a book like no other. This handbook is a laborious product of careful selection and compilation of the best stories and wisdom from over thirty C-executives. Shamane spent several years speaking to CxOs from different industries, and all over the world, from Australia, to Singapore, Israel, the US and the UK, to bring different aspects of successful leadership to life in this book. For those who are interested in learning from your top industry leaders, or if you are an aspiring or a current CISO, this book is gold for your career. It's the go-to book and your CISO kit for the season.  Shamane is the APAC Executive Advisor at Privasec, a leading independent Security Consulting Firm in Australia and Singapore and Founder of the Cyber Risk Meetups, which has over 1,500 members meeting across 5 major states in Australia and Singapore.
  • Dr Bill Bailey, BA(Hons) MA, MCIL, PhD.

    Bill Bailey is currently a security management consultant working in the oil and gas industry predominantly in Papua New Guinea. Bill also remains an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Edith Cowan University, Security Research Centre, Perth, Australia