• GBF ASIA 2019

    China, Guangzhou

    16/08/2019 To 18/08/2019

    With a market share of as high as 70%, China has firmly claimed center stage in worldwide power battery, storage battery and 3C battery industry. More domestic champions have developed the capacity to produce state-of-the-art high-end products, ready to compete with overseas top-notch players in the international arena.
  • AIPIO National Conference

    Australia, Sydney

    19/08/2019 To 21/08/2019

    Within the conference theme of 'An Emerging Intelligence Enterprise', we will explore the sub-themes of Capability Planning, Organisational Development and Analytic Rigour
  • 6th Annual IoT & AI Summit 2019

    India , Bangalore

    03/07/2019 To 03/07/2019

    6th Annual IoT & AI Summit 2019 will explore and review the various applications of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined. The purpose of the summit is to highlight the true potential of technology across multiple sectors and industries acting as a catalyst between policy makers, government, market movers, and thought leaders providing high level think tank leadership platform.
  • 2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019

    UK, London

    10/07/2019 To 11/07/2019

    Our 2nd Annual Pharma AI & IoT 2019 will provide insight into the current state of play in the EU & US and stimulate debate, in a multi-stakeholder setting, on the vital role of techonologyy impact in the sustainability of pharma and healthcare systems. Beyond a comprehensive outlook of key European market access policies, our speakers will outline the key recent developments in technology impact in pharma and healthcare in the EU and other international jurisdictions. By attending this conference, you will gain a comprehensive outlook on the key issues surrounding latest technologies that are being analysed towards the pharma and healthcare. This event will provide an important platform for stakeholders to discuss and share best practices in furthering technology development in pharma and healthcare.
  • 10th SCADA World Summit 2019

    UK, London

    17/06/2019 To 20/06/20199


    What can you expect for the 2019, 10th edition? Case Studies, Interactive Discussion and In-Depth Workshops on Topics & Issues.
  • Global Digital Forum

    USA, California

    04/09/2019 To 05/09/2019

    Global Digital Forum brings together business and technology leaders to explore the real-world application of AI, IoT & Edge Computing, Security &Blockchain and Cloud Computing.
  • MWC Shanghai 2019

    China, Shanghai

    26/06/2019 To 28/06/2019

    MWC Shanghai 2019 is the event for industry networking, ideas & collaboration in the region. Join us to explore how Intelligent Connectivity impacts our digital experiences, our industry, and our world.
  • Defining Security Posture in a Zero Trust World

    Webinar - Asia Pacific

    May 22, 2019

    Focused Webinar 1-hour Session
    • Increase your knowledge of important and relevant topics in just 60 minutes
    • Free of charge to members and non-members
    • 1 CPE per hour, automatically added to (ISC)² members’ profiles
    • Moderated by (ISC)² members
    • Live interaction with the presenter in Asia-Pacific time zone
    • View the entire webinar after the event anytime, anywhere
  • (ISC)2 Secure Summit APAC 2019

    China, Hong Kong

    10/07/2019 To 11/07/2019

    The Secure Summit APAC is a two-day event that brings together hundreds of the best minds in cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region. The event is geared toward providing value to delegates and helps them gain insight from international industry experts while discovering solutions to the latest cybersecurity threats. The learning experience includes multi-subject sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities that can help you with educational agendas, including cutting edge technologies, IoT/OT Security, identity access management, GRC, security operations and more. Join us and connect with over 400 like-minded professionals and 40+ speakers at the Summit this year!
  • Taiwan Hardware Show

    Taiwan, Taichung

    17/10/2019 To 19/10/2019

    Synonymous with top-grade innovations and competitively-priced products, Taiwan is a world-class hardware manufacturing hub. The Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) highlights Taiwan's capabilities to meet global hardware buyers needs with master-class offerings of the latest inventions to hit overseas markets.
  • ASIS International Australia Conference 2019

    Australia, Melbourne

    17/10/2019 To 17/10/2019

    The ASIS International Australia Conference 2019 is the premier gathering of security professionals. The conference aims to provide an established platform for education and business exchange, addressing the key trends and issues facing security professionals locally and globally.
  • Australian Security Summit 2019

    Australia, Canberra

    09/07/2019 To 09/07/2019

    Australian Security Summit 2019 will bring together 300+ individuals ranging from the relevant National, State and Local authorities, as well as stakeholders and specialists from industry and academia from across the globe to discuss the key challenges, including: border management and surveillance, cybersecurity and trans-boundary crimes, protecting critical infrastructure, processing, exploiting and disseminating intelligence and ISR platforms for national security and building safer communities. Quote MySec30 to get 30% discount, government only.